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Chengdu AMOCO Architecture Technology Company  specialise in biogas holder (double membrane and single membrane gas holder, biogas dome, biogas balloon, digester membrane roof, digester cover, flexible tank, membrane gas tank) for 18 years. In 1999, AMOCO started to design, manufacture & sell the membrane structure products and Projects. We are the member of IFAI and industry standard organization commission of  “cable & membrane building structure products ” authorized by the Ministry of Construction of China,certificated by CE & ISO9000 for gas holder.

Our double membrane gas holder already installed in each city of China and export to foreign countries. In Asia:  India,  Thailand,  Laos, vietnam, North Korea, South Korea, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Turkey etc. In Europe: Finland, Italy, UK etc. Other foreign countries: Kenya,Sourth Africa,Chile etc.

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